A study is carried out to evaluate the characteristics of the male semen, especially the motility, quantity and normality of the sperm cells.

To perform this study, 3 to 5 days of sexual abstinence, including masturbation, are recommended. The patient collects the sample in the UR Managua, in a private room intended for this purpose. A data sheet will be completed where general data will be collected, as well as a history of medication consumption, diseases and previous surgeries.

Once the patient has collected the sample via masturbation, our laboratory staff will proceed to process it and issue a diagnosis based on what was found in the study.

The results will be delivered the same day, so we recommend contacting our admission staff to decide whether the result should be sent via e-mail or handed out printed. At UR Managua we guarantee the security and confidentiality of the results, the patient will have the opportunity to be assessed by one of our specialists, who will explain the treatment or steps to follow.

In some specific cases, the patient may bring the sample from home. The sample should not be frozen, refrigerated or sun exposed, and should be taken immediately to our clinic once collected. The results may vary if the patient uses this option, so we recommend, for more reliable results, that the sample is collected in our laboratory.

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