Assisted Reproduction Programs

  • In vitro fertilization program: These treatments are intended to achieve pregnancy in women who have been surgically sterilized, have blocked uterine tubes, have endometriosis. In the case of men with a low sperm count and vasectomized, it is also necessary to perform an In Vitro Fertilization to increase the chances of Pregnancy. In selected cases, couples also require genetic studies of the embryo (due to implantation failures, a history of repeated abortions, repeated in vitro fertilization failures or because there is a known genetic disease), we do this through an embryo biopsy


  • Artificial Insemination Program: Artificial insemination is usually necessary in women with irregular menstrual cycles or ovulation problems. In some cases when one of the tubes is blocked (but the other is permeable) it may also require Artificial Insemination. Another reason to require artificial insemination is when the man has a low sperm count but above 5 million in a sperm capacitation (REM greater than 5).
    Egg freezing program: Many women without a partner currently want to delay the time of gestation, it is known that after the age of 35 the pregnancy rates decrease, so some patients wish to freeze their eggs preventively to be able to use them in a later moment, generally when they are stable economically, labor and sentimentally. Another important group of patients who benefit from our egg freezing program are patients who have been diagnosed with cancer and will begin a process of chemotherapy or radiotherapy, by freezing the eggs they guarantee that once the cancer is finished and given of discharge can occupy them to achieve their pregnancy.


  • Semen freezing program: Like women, age plays an important role not only in terms of the quantity of sperm available but also in their genetic quality; Through this program, men have the opportunity to freeze their semen to be used at a later time, that is, when they have decided to become pregnant with their partner. As in the case of egg freezing, this program allows men who are going to start cancer treatments (chemotherapy, radiotherapy or testicular surgery) this is an alternative to save their sperm to occupy them after surgery. Patients who decide to have a vasectomy but are unsure about wanting children later may freeze their semen in the event of the need to want a pregnancy.


  • Mother without partner program: This program has been designed for women who wish to be single mothers by choice, that is, they have decided to start a pregnancy without the need for a male partner, in this case the patient goes through a process of emotional preparation and physical to later carry out insemination with donor semen.


  • Ovarian Rejuvenation Program: This new treatment gives women the opportunity to try a pregnancy using their own eggs when a low ovarian reserve has been diagnosed. During this process, patients use stem cells to improve their fertility. This technique is on the rise considerably in the United States and Europe. Before the process, patients are asked for an anti-Müllerian hormone and three months after the treatment, hormonal levels are checked. Depending on the results of the technique, this patient may attempt a spontaneous pregnancy, undergo in vitro fertilization or, failing that, start an egg donation process.

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