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UR Managua is a private clinic specialized in Assisted reproductive technology (ART) based in Nicaragua. We became part of the UR International group in 2017, our main offices are in Alicante, Spain. Being part of a group has allowed us to share the same technology, protocols and treatments that are used in our others 10 fertility clinics around the world. Our staff will assist you during diagnosis, treatment and after the ART technique. We will dedicate all our effort to achieve the dream of a pregnancy International patients from the US and Europe realize that UR Managua's individualized approach to care, combined with our high success rates and affordable prices (without compromissing modern technology and processes), is well worth the time and effort of traveling to Nicaragua for visiting our clinic. Continue

A team of clinicians and embryologists are committed to providing the best counceling and follow-up in fertility care. We have a fertility team trainned in Europe, United States and Mexico, each of UR Managua International members are dedicated to share their expertice to the process


Assissted reproduction treatments

We will continue to see our patients attending their first appointment or treatment follow up. For more information please contact the Patient Service Department..

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