Cryopreservation of egg cells and sperm cells

Occasionally, eggs and sperm have to be frozen, at UR Managua, we carry out both techniques.

Some of the reasons why egg cells are cryopreserved include if the patient has to undergo cancer treatment, if she wants to wait to have children because she is single, or, she is married but she is not ready to have children yet. Another common reason is that in ovulation induction too many eggs are produced to be fertilized all at once.

At UR Managua, we also cryopreserve sperm, one of the main reasons why a patient wants to cryopreserve his sperm is because he is abroad and he will be absent when his partner needs his sperm, or the man will undergo surgery for testicular cancer or a tumor and he wants to save it for treatment later on. In both cases, the eggs and the sperm are stored in compliance with the strictest quality standards in our laboratory bank, which guarantees the highest success rate whenever the man or woman wants to use them.

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