UR Managua aims to keep couples and patients informed about health issues, for which a series of tools has been created to provide scientific content related to Sexual and Reproductive Health, in order to satisfy the demand for knowledge about Fertility and related problems.

Through our UR Educa Platform (only available in Spanish), we keep updated information on gynecology, pregnancy, human fertility, parenting, psychology and general health issues, this effort is thanks to internal and external collaborators of the clinic who contribute their knowledge to the community of the UR Managua. This website is in the format of a digital magazine

In addition to this digital platform, the UR International Group carries out quarterly publications with specialists in reproduction and embryologists from the 14 clinics in Spain and Latin America, this magazine has the name of Creando Familias  and has been on the international scene since 2020; Through them you will find detailed and simple information on the latest advances in assisted reproduction in Europe and the work at each Headquarters in Spain, Mexico and Nicaragua.

Medication in Assisted Reproduction is as important as the technique itself (In Vitro Fertilization, ICSI, Artificial Insemination, Egg Freezing, etc.), not only because it will generate the appropriate response in terms of follicular growth and oocyte maturation. , but also because the appropriate application and the recommendations on its use will guarantee better results, through the UR International Group a series of educational videos has been created for patients to keep the medication according to the recommendations and follow the application guidelines .

You can find us at:
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