Conferences for pediatricians at the Managua Reproduction Unit

On Monday 7 October the conference on “Genetic diseases and their detection during the neonatal period” will be held at the Reproduction Unit Managua.

These relevant and important speeches, both for pediatricians and for any couple or woman who wishes to have a baby, will be given by the prestigious Dr. Antonio Urbano, head of the Genetics Unit at the Vistahermosa Clinic in Alicante, Spain.

In its constant search to offer its patients and medical professionals the most up-to-date information on assisted reproduction and on all areas related to fertility, UR Managua holds these Conferences with the support and backing of being one of the reproduction centers that form part of the UR International Group of Reproduction.

To sign up for these presentations you can book your appointment by calling the Unit’s telephone number or through the website.


You can find us at:
UR Managua
Semáforos del Club Terraza 4 cuadras abajo 75 varas al Sur — Villa Fontana no. 71