Artificial Insemination

Artificial insemination is an Assisted Reproduction technique that basically consists of optimizing the female cycle and placing sperm cells, previously selected in the laboratory, inside the uterine cavity to increase pregnancy rates. In order to perform artificial insemination, you must first undergo a series of blood tests, ultrasounds and image studies (hysterosalpingography) to see if you are eligible for this technique.

Once your UR Managua doctor has gone over your examinations and you agree with this assisted reproduction technique, you should come to the clinic between the first and third day of your period. That day, an ultrasound will be performed and you will start taking a series of medications that will guarantee the growth and maturation of your eggs. Once you start taking the medication (pills and injections), two more ultrasounds will be scheduled to monitor the response of your ovaries to the treatment.

When your eggs are ready (with an adequate number and size), you will be told the day and time that your partner should collect the semen sample at UR Managua. The sample will be processed in our laboratory, the best sperm cells will be selected and injected directly into the uterine cavity. In the event of needing semen from a donor (by own choice, or by medical indication), the sample will come from our certified bank where the sperm cells will be selected for its use in your treatment.

This procedure is painless and very similar to a normal gynecological examination, it does not require anesthetic treatments and the patient is awake at all times. After the procedure, the patient will rest in our clinic for about 30 or 40 minutes and will continue a relatively normal life. On the day of the insemination, you will be given an instruction sheet that you must follow and you will be told the day on which the blood pregnancy test must be performed.

UR Managua will provide you or your partner with a telephone number for emergency consultations, where we will help you with any questions you may have before, during or after the procedure. At UR Managua we are sure that we can guarantee a personalized, full and timely care throughout the entire process.
Our pregnancy rate after 4 cycles can reach 60%, using semen from the couple, and 80% using semen from a donor (if required).

If you have any doubts regarding the suitability of this technique for both you and your partner, please request a consultation with us by calling 505 86 701 332.

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