The Programs designed in UR Managua are a series of alternatives offered by the clinic to satisfy all the needs of couples from the Reproductive point of view, as well as the needs for adequate preparation for pregnancy through a multidisciplinary evaluation. Once pregnancy is achieved through our Maternal Fetal Unit, patients have the opportunity to continue a specialized surveillance of the pregnancy to achieve a healthy child if necessary.

The vision of the UR International Group and UR Managua is to provide personalized attention from all points of view before and after pregnancy, each patient is different and has individual needs, not only in the diagnosis but also in the type of treatment to be offered. It is important to recognize that some patients will require low complexity assisted reproduction techniques such as programmed intercourse and artificial insemination, others will achieve pregnancy through correcting altered hormonal states, and others will require more advanced techniques such as in vitro fertilization, ICSI, artificial insemination, use of donors and even genetic diagnosis.

Based on the above, UR Managua has created a series of “tailor-made” treatments for each particular case. These programs have been divided into:


Preconception Programs

Assisted Reproduction Programs

Special programs

Financing Programs

Maternal – Fetal Wellbeing Program

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UR Managua
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