Reproductive Endocrinology and Fertility

The REF department specializes in the counseling, diagnosis and treatment of couples’ problems to conceive, from the general point of view infertility can be primary when there has never been a pregnancy, or secondary when the couple has achieved pregnancies and now fail to conceive, have recurrent miscarriage (miscarriage) or underwent surgical sterilization.

We specialize not only in preconception counseling, but also in the assessment of the risk of genetic diseases of the embryo through PGT-a, as well as incompatible genetic diseases between both parents, which increases the risks of abortion, congenital malformations and fetal death.

As part of the quality of the results and the pregnancy rates, the REF department attends with subspecialists both at the headquarters (Club Terraza 4 blocks down 75 varas al Sur, Villa Fontana, no. 71, Managua) and at the Estelí headquarters (Rufino González Hardware Store 150 meters to the West, Subspecialty Clinic, Estelí). You can enter more information about our new headquarters here

Fertility Testings

Sperm capacitation

Sperm Analysis

Sperm DNA fragmentation

Transvaginal ultrasound

Diagnostic laparoscopy




Fertility Treatments

In vitro fertilization & ICSI

Egg donation

Endometrial scratching

• Semen Donation

• Intrauterine insemination

Columns of Annexin

• Ovarian rejuvenation

• ROPA method


• Gamete freezing

Assisted hatching

In vitro Egg maturation

Scheduled intercourse


Genetic Panels


• Peripheral blood karyotype

• Genetic study of specific diseases

• Genetic compatibility

• PGT-a

You can find us at:
UR Managua
Semáforos del Club Terraza 4 cuadras abajo 75 varas al Sur — Villa Fontana no. 71