Mission and vision


Provide future parents with all the support through counseling, diagnoses and personalized treatments to solve infertility problems. We fulfill the desire to form families, through medical excellence, scientific rigor and human warmth. Provide couples with security and trust in our multidisciplinary care protocols.


To be a company recognized as a leader in assisted reproduction in Nicaragua and Central America, maintaining the quality of procedures and results, being comparable to international standards; in addition to promoting scientific research and continuous medical updating to the rest of the country’s professionals.

Why UR Managua?

  • Up to 90% effectiveness in treatments. Our experience and the quality of the human and technological team make us be at the forefront in both processes and results.
    In our clinic we carry out a multidisciplinary approach, incorporating health professionals in the areas of andrology, embryology, urology, nutrition and psychology.
  • The certification of UR Managua as a specialized center in Reproductive Medicine, accredited by the Ministry of Health, guarantees compliance with the national standards of patient care, as well as the quality control of the processes, the quality of the professionals and teams from UR Managua.
  • The excellent facilities at UR Managua guarantee comprehensive, personalized, private medical care, respecting the privacy and confidentiality of couples, within a health complex whose design is aimed at obtaining a high rate of satisfaction from the people served.
  • Our staff has received professional and specialized training in Nicaragua, Spain, the United States and Mexico, which allows the application of avant-garde diagnostic means and treatments, following national and international protocols in the management of infertile couples.
  • The continuous education of our work team, participating in seminars, symposia, conferences and congresses, allows us to focus our effort and dedication to the couple, to obtain satisfactory and tangible results.


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You can find us at:
UR Managua
Semáforos del Club Terraza 4 cuadras abajo 75 varas al Sur — Villa Fontana no. 71