Nowadays genetic testing has an essential role in assisted reproduction treatment. Genetic testing helps us select the most suitable techniques for each and every case in a personalized way and determine the likelihood of success in the process.

We have a large team of genetic experts that is coordinated by Dr. Joaquín Rueda, who is a member of the National Human Assisted Reproduction Committee in Spain and the latest equipment to give the right clinical diagnosis and advice to predict any genetic disorders that are inherited.

The UR Managua, is the only center in Nicaragua that diagnoses genetic disorders in a highly specialized laboratory. The genetic disorders that affect reproduction and cause infertility must be diagnosed, otherwise the baby might inherit the same genetic disorder. UR Managua not only focuses on a successful pregnancy but also on having a healthy baby.

The most common genetic disorders that cause infertility involve karyotype alterations (structural, numerical and sex chromosome abnormalities). When one of the parents has an altered gene such as those that cause cystic fibrosis, beta thalassemia, hemosiderosis, among others, it is important to determine whether your partner is an asymptomatic carrier, because if they are there is more likelihood of developing this genetic disorder from the embryos produced from this union.

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